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Kilometres for


In 2022, the Kendra's Walk Committee created a new initiative, called Kilometres for Kendra, which is a two-part challenge to raise money and awareness for cancer. 


The goal of Kilometres for Kendra was to have all teens in Manitoba walking for cancer awareness on the same day.

          In 2022, that day was May 27th.

          For 2023, that day is June 16th.

Join us at SJR (we will be updating the new date soon) by walking for cancer awareness and posting on your social media with the hashtags #km4kendra and #krushkancer.

Your participation in Kilometres for Kendra will aid in both raising funds for research looking at eliminating and preventing cancer, while also honouring those who have struggled with cancer. Every step makes a difference.

Let's crush cancer, step by step.

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  1. Walk at least 3 km during the 24-hour period in which this challenge is taking place (June 1st).

  2. If possible, please give a donation to CancerCare Manitoba.

Please post about your walk on social media using the hashtags #km4kendra and #krushkancer, and tag us (@kendraswalkwpg) on Instagram!

when &

When: any time on June 16th, 2023

Where: wherever you would like! (You can also join us at 1:15 pm at SJR to participate in our school-wide walk.)

Individuals or groups can walk anytime, anywhere they would like on June 16th. 

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k4k as a
school event

Kilometres for Kendra can also be conducted as a school-wide event!​

To make an even bigger impact and get as many people as possible involved, we encourage you to have your whole school participate in K4K!

Assuming school timetables and guidelines comply, we encourage your school to complete a 3 km walk during the 24-hour challenge period, and collect donations from students for CancerCare MB. 

If you would like for this to happen at your school, reach out to the Kendra's Walk Committee and we'll be happy to help!

Get your school involved and join us!



The donations collected from K4K will go towards funding further cancer research that ultimately aims to focus on preventing cancer. By raising money for research in cancer prevention, more people will be able to reduce their risk of developing cancer.

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